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Steve Horsman Bespoke Tailoring

Steve Horsman Slide Shows

Welcome to Steve Horsman Bespoke Tailoring

Steve Horsman is one of those rare individuals in modern times – a true craftsmen, proud of the quality he hand stitches into every one of his bespoke suits and jackets.

Bespoke means by the spoken word and this is how Steve attracts his clients.  Steve’s hand craftsmanship speaks for itself, and proud clients speak for Steve and his attention to detail and lasting quality.

Steve’s own slogan is "Thousands of hand stitches in every garment" but this does not capture fully what Steve creates – a lasting quality that makes the client feel very special,

"I wore my suit for the first time today and I felt like a million dollars!" – part of a testimonial letter from a banking client.



Steve has been making me suits and jackets for over 15 years, and I cannot sing his praises too highly. His suits make you feel really special and Steve is able flatter my advancing years. His suits are not expensive and given how they last (I still have some of the classic suits he made 15 years ago), they offer remarkable value. A number of my colleagues are also clients of Steve and that speaks volumes.
Professor Kevin Keasey